HBR On Hiatus

It’s been well over a year, and as you may have guessed, HBR and Crooked 3 are on hiatus. Is it all over? Who knows. But check back now and then, you never know what we have brewing.

Houston City Club – Beer & Food Tasting

This just in. The Houston City Club is hosting a beer and food tasting event today July 26th. One of the coordinators sent us the following:

‘The event is open to the public but is RSVP due to limited space.  (See the official flyer here for contact info).  Saint Arnold, No Label, Karbach, Southern Star, Buffalo Bayou, Real Ale, and Alamo will be present and featuring select styles for which the Club’s Executive Chef will be preparing bite-sized food items paired specific to the beer.  There will be a speaking lineup as well including Brock Wagner from Saint Arnold, Ronnie Crocker from the Houston Chronicle, and also representatives from several of the new Houston breweries such as Fort Bend, City Acre, and Town In City.  Door prizes will be selected following each speaker, ranging from gift baskets (with beer!), private brewery tours, a “design-a-beer” opportunity offered by Bufffalo Bayou.’

Real Ale – Barrel Aged 15th Anniversary

real-ale-15-anniversary1 Year Bourbon Barrel Aged Real Ale 15th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout. One of the longest names of any beers I’ve tried, but also one of the best. While the regular 15th anniversary can be found in bottle at some Spec’s, the just released 1 year barrel aged on tap is quite elusive in Houston. It has been spotted at Petrol Station (sold out!), Flying Saucer downtown (sold out), and currently at Hay Merchant (on tap as of today). If you see it, get it – because it wont be there for much longer. Though it will be $8-10 for a pint or less, but you are getting something that borders more on a whiskey than a beer.

I’ve had bourbon barrel aged beers before, but nothing that took on the flavor like this one. Though called a stout, you will mainly taste a strong whiskey flavor with hints of roasted grain and raisin. The experience is more like enjoying a fine liquor than a beer. Very unique. The ABV has been listed anywhere from 9 – 14%, so this definitely a sipper, but would also make a perfect dessert beer to finish a meal.

Great job Real Ale! The year wait was worth it.

Deep Ellum – IPA

Having lived in Houston for the past 15 years, I have learned to despise all things Dallas. I can’t stand the Mavericks, I absolutely hate the Cowboys, while knowing nothing about hockey I still dislike the Stars and even the Rangers irk me (quit pretending you are not a Dallas team).

That being said, I have found the one thing from Dallas I actually like, other than our readers in Dallas who are awesome. Deep Ellum Brewing Company.

I was first introduced to Deep Ellum at the Texas Beer Fest and quickly became a huge fan. Everything these guys brew is incredible, especially their IPA.

This year-round offering is quickly becoming one of my favorites in fact if they ever get it into stores in Houston it might be my favorite…hint, hint. It has a nice copper color with strong hoppy aroma. While starting off slightly sweeter than most IPAs it makes up for that with a strong citrus hop finish. At 7% ABV you can keep enjoying Deep Ellum’s Flagship Brew by having a second glass (or more). In Houston I know you can find this gem at Rockwell Tavern & Grill along with a huge selection of other great craft brews. If you find it anywhere else, please let me know.

Maybe Dallas isn’t so bad after all, but I still hate the Cowboys…Go Texans!

Chunk Like!

Crooked 3 Brewing Returns with Rainmaker!

rainmaker-mashThe wait is over!

After over a year hiatus, Crooked 3 has returned to brewing! We didn’t waste time wading back in the brewing waters with a simple blonde extract brew. Like Uncle Leroy at Sea World, we dove right in. We are re-brewing our most famous and most complicated all-grain brew, Rainmaker. Rainmaker is our spin on an American Stout, but more drinkable and hoppier than other stouts you may have tried.

Stay tuned for coverage on its progress and hopefully other brews from us.